Sensorium 7: Evaluations and Direction for Future Research

Total Time: Completion of a Project – 15 Hours


  • To understand the use of assessment tools to plan the individualized process.
  • To develop, understand and write specific individualized outcome measurement strategies


Read files: (30 minutes)

Complete Project:

For Completion of the MSE training you are required to select and complete a MSE project. You will have 3 months to complete the project.  Once completed, please forward to sfornes@cdhaf.org for your certificate of completion. If you would like to do a project other than selecting from the list below, please send a paragraph describing your project. Once approved, you are ready to begin.  The project should between 10 to 15 –  8 1/2  x 11  typed pages.

Project Options

  • A case study of how you applied MSE to an individual, what was the goal, how did you accomplish the goal, what did you utilize in the MSE, what progress if any was there, how did they measure the progress, was it temporary or long term permanent progress, how was it helpful to the individual, what changes would they make to improve the process, etc. This needs to be written up or videotaped along with a case report of findings. Send via email to sfornes@cdhaf.org
  • Development of 3 individual lesson plans for utilizing MSE with three students with different learning, educational, behavioral objectives. Sent via email to sfornes@cdhaf.org.
  • Volunteer your service to an existing MSE room for one full day (8 hours).  After your observation, you will be provided with a case study and then proceed with the case study project in choice # 1 or the development of lesson plans in choice #2.  A written report of your experience along with your case study or lesson plans. Send via email to sfornes@cdhaf.org
  • If you do not have a room, design an MSE space for a specific population, submitting the preparatory work, with rationale for selection of equipment, how design follows function, development of their specific sequence for equipment, a protocol for your specific population and or lesson plans. Send via email to sfornes@cdhaf.org
  • Do an essay describing where MSE is headed in the future based on current trends and emerging themes.  Send via email to sfornes@cdhaf.org

Presentation files:  – 30 minutes