Sensorium 5: MSE Delivery Model – The Facilitator

Total Time: 2 hours


  • The ability to identify the needs of the user
  • Understanding how to introduce the MSE to an individual
  • Understand sensory diets: matching the specific sensory need with the consumer around their specific learning styles with the MSE equipment and room.
  • Understanding of the enabling approach.
  • Developing specific sequencing/order of use of equipment, for good integration of the senses.
  • Understanding and be able to demonstrate setting up MSE Equipment protocols and basic Sensory Diets.  Sensory Diets: matching the individual’s specific sensory needs and how to work with the individual around their specific learning styles and making the most efficient use of the MSE equipment and room


Read files: (30-45 minutes)

Presentation files: (30 minutes)

  • PowerPoint- Sensorium 5 PPT (A box will appear asking whether you want to run or save the file. Click Save and run the file from you local computer.)

Assessment: (50-60 minutes)