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There are no guarantees in life, except that everyone faces struggles. This is how we learn (and grow). Some face struggles from the moment they are born. They are the most special of all people, requiring the most care and compassion and reminding us that love is the sole purpose of life.” – (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross).
These are our Hidden Angels – teaching all of us life’s most valuable lessons!!

Throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, Multi Sensory Enrichment ™ (MSE) has been used as an educational tool and leisure activity for individuals with intellectual disabilities. More recently MSE has become popular in the United States. It is our objective that the Hidden Angel Foundation and its training efforts will provide direction in the future practice and research of Multi Sensory enrichment. With the hope that this leads to enhanced quality of life, health, and social well-being for children and adults with intellectual, physical and emotional challenges.

By adapting and modifying the environment we enable the empowerment of children and adults with significant disabilities. Multi-sensory environments provide alternative and powerful forms of sensory stimulation for individuals who have previously been isolated in their perceptual disabilities, providing new ways of encouraging learning, motor development, cognitive development, language and social interaction skills.

Now lets take a journey through a multi sensory environment:

MSE is a safe, non-threatening, dedicated space (or room) designed to promote intellectual activity, heighten awareness, promote brain arousal, and encourage relaxation. MSE is engineered to bring together multi sensory equipment to stimulate the sensory pathways of touch, taste, sight, sound, smell, and movement without the need for intellectual reasoning. MSE produces either a calming effect on individuals prone to frustration or stimulates passive individuals who appear withdrawn. In an MSE, stimulation can be controlled, manipulated, intensified, reduced, presented in isolation or combination, packaged for active or passive interaction, and matched to fit the perceived motivation, interests, leisure, relaxation, and
therapeutic and/or educational needs of the user.

Multi sensory enrichment has been observed to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain while also promoting changes in brain arousal and one’s neurochemistry positively affecting an individual’s drive and motivation.

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