Sensorium 1: Assessment



1. Describe why MSE is important.

2. Define what you believe MSE to be and why.

3. Briefly describe how MSE has evolved.

4. Describe some of the benefits that MSE offers to individuals with and without disabilities.

5. Describe a good application for MSE outside the disability community? Why?

6. Is MSE leisure, recreation, therapy, education, all, one, none or more? Explain.

7. What does the ‘enabling approach’ mean?

8. Is this approach different from standard practice? Describe how.

9. Where is MSE used now?

10. Where is MSE headed in the future?

11. How is MSE used most effectively………; and ineffectively?


1. Describe types of behavior that may result from sensory deprivation or overload?

2. Where do feelings and emotions fit in sensory activity?

3. How can MSE help people experiencing chronic pain or challenging situations?

4. How can MSE assist in teaching and education?


1. What is the difference between a black room and a white room?

2. Describe other types of MSE environment.


1. Which products would you recommend for installation in a deaf/blind school? Why?

2. Can MSE products cause seizures?

3. Describe safety aspects of MSE products.

4. What are the benefits of floor and wall cushions?

5. How can daylight be eliminated?

6. Describe the role of interactive switches in MSE

7. Think of a MSE theme. Describe the components you would bring together.


1. Describe the role of a caregiver in MSE?

2. Why should a caregiver know the client?

3. What cautions would you take in MSE with an autistic child?

4. Why do you think we have so many ‘breakthroughs’ in MSE environments?

5. Is there any difference between one-on-one time inside MSE or outside?

6. Your client is in an anxiety state. Describe how you would use MSE.

7. What is the ideal length of time for a MSE session? Why?

8. How would you know if MSE is making an impact?

9. What should happen immediately after a MSE session?

10. Should you correct a behavior inside MSE that you would normally correct outside MSE? How and why?

11. How could you use MSE to communicate with a hard-to-reach individual?

12. Describe how you would take a client into MSE for the first time.